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Application - Research and Conference Travel Grant for Graduate Students

The Department of History Graduate Student Research and Conference Travel Grant awards financial support to graduate students traveling to archives, libraries, or field sites to conduct research with primary sources; as well as to present completed research and work-in-process at conferences, seminars, workshops, and other professional meetings.

To be eligible, graduate students must:

  • Be in good academic standing;
  • Have a degree plan on file with the Department and Graduate School;
  • Attend three (3) or more TGS Professional Development Graduate Workshops in the academic year in applying. These workshops can be attended in person or via live online streaming. If you are unable to attend a workshop in person, videos are available online, and pass the associated video quizzes for credit.
  • Submit a Request for Travel Funds (RTF) form (include student electronic signature);
  • Submit a short statement of recommendation (may be 2 or 3 sentences) from students' major professors indicating their support for the grant;
  • Submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • For research travel:
    • Submit a short funding justification of 300 words or less that describes:
      1. The research that they intend to conduct; i.e. the specific archival facilities and manuscript collections they plan to visit, and/or their specific field sites and locations, and or other relevant details
      2. How this research travel will contribute towards the completions of their thesis, dissertation, seminar paper, or other research project.
  • For conference travel:
    • Submit a short explanation of how students will participate in the conference, seminar, workshop, or professional meeting. In situations where there is already a program available that lists this information, a copy of the relevant pages is acceptable in lieu of a written explanation.

Please Note: Students may only apply for travel support for ONE trip during an academic year. Exceptions can be made with justifications that the trip is required for accepting national or international award(s).

The Department of History Graduate Student Research and Conference Travel Grant can only provide a maximum of $500 of funding per graduate students, per year. Please also consider applying for the Toulouse Graduate School Travel Grants, which can match the Department of History GS Travel Grant up to additional $500, if awarded.

For travel questions please contact Miranda Leddy, Dept. of History Administrative Coordinator, via email at

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