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Kingsbury-Thomason Departmental Library

Wooten Hall 267
(940) 369-7681

The Kingsbury-Thomason Departmental Library was created by UNT History alumni Troy M. Thomason ('48) in honor of his mentor and favorite professor, Dr. Joseph L. Kingsbury. Professor Kingsbury taught history at UNT from 1925 to 1949. Troy M. Thomason was a World War II veteran and an avid student of history, with a particular interest in Military History. Mr. Thomason donated his personal library and collection of videotapes as well as a sum of $30,000 to create the Kingsbury-Thomason Library in honor of Professor Kingsbury.

The Kingsbury-Thomason Departmental Library holdings include contains extensive reference materials including numerous world and United States atlases, U.S. and world encyclopedias, and handbooks ranging from Latin America to Texas and the Civil War. There are also over 3,500 monographs grouped into sections including world, U.S., Texas, and Military History. The emphasis of the collection is U.S. and Military History. The collection also includes approximately four hundred videos on a multitude of topics and copies of dissertations and theses of former graduate students. These materials do not circulate: they are available for history graduate students to use in the Library during regular working hours.

The library is also used to hold departmental functions, classes, lectures from visiting professors, and meetings of organizations such as Phi Alpha Theta.

Here is a catalog of available literature: Main Library, Texas Room, History Help Center, Room 230

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