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  • Travel Budget Authorization: **This form must be submitted for all travel requests involving department funds, prior to the start of travel** To find this form: click this link - Forms Search - and scroll down until you see "Travel Budget Authorization Form & Travel Voucher" and click the link to download the document. Once you have downloaded the document, go to the tabs at the bottom of the Excel sheet and click on the tabs that reads Travel Budget Authorization. Make sure to complete the Travel Budget Authorization and not the Travel Voucher when requesting travel funds.
  • UNT History Department Travel Form (faculty only)
  • Guidelines for Allocation of Departmental Travel Funds (faculty only)
  • Faculty Application For Approval of Leave (required for all faculty absences)
  • Faculty Development Leave Application
  • Per diem rates: GSA Travel Website (when calculating per diem meal costs, make sure to specifically click the button for Meals & Incidentals (M&IE) Rates to view the proper rates)

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