Stephanie Murphy | Department of History

Stephanie Murphy


Major Professor: Christopher Fuhrmann

Specialty Areas: Ancient Mediterranean History, Classical Greek and Latin Language

I received my BA in History and Classics from the University of Oklahoma in 2008. After a brief foray into Theology (receiving my Master's of Divinity in 2012 from Gateway Seminary), I received my Master's of Classics (no thesis option) in 2019 from the University of Dallas. I am a current Master's student specializing in Ancient Mediterranean history. My research interests include the decline of the Roman Republic, the arts of ancient biography and historiography, tensions between the classes, and the way that various prominent figures of the late Republic (Marius, Caesar, Cicero, etc.) influenced the psyche of the Roman Empire. My background in Classics has given me the opportunity to read and examine various Roman-era texts in the original languages and as such I also desire to research certain Roman-era sources that have not been thoroughly examined in their original languages in recent decades (especially Greek sources).

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