Nathalie Ross | Department of History

Nathalie Ross


Specialty: Holocaust and Genocide, Jewish ritual, Sephardic and Jewish foodways

I am a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant with an interest in the Holocaust in Greece, especially as it relates to gender and identity. I am an expert in Mikveh (Jewish ritual bath) use during the Holocaust and the Orthodox movement's emphasis on the ritual as a vehicle for rebirth of the Jewish people, post-Holocaust. My current research interests are focused on how the presumed exclusivity of Ashkenazi foodways in Jewish American discourse has marginalized Sephardic cultural identity.

Additional information:

Publications/ articles:

  • "Mikveh: Creation, Destruction, and Renewal" in Prism, Spring 2019, Volume 11, pp. 24-29.


  • JISP (Jewish and Israel Studies Program) 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipient

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