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Military History Concentration

The brutal wars of the 20th and 21st centuries have made clear the centrality of military history to modern politics and statecraft. As the renowned historian John Keegan wrote, "[t]he written history of the world is largely a history of warfare." At the University of North Texas, students can earn a PhD. in military history by studying, analyzing, and discussing the history of warfare in every era and culture, and on every point on the globe. UNT has a distinguished reputation as an international leader in the careful analysis of the causes, conduct, and termination of conflict from the ancients to the present. Our dynamic doctoral students study high-intensity conflicts as well as slow-rolling insurgencies, the intersection of social and cultural history with conflict, war, and warfare, the debates on the impact of revolutions in military affairs, and questions of Western exceptionalism, all within the broad, deep context of military history. Understanding military history is crucial in analyzing world politics, and UNT is committed to the research, teaching, and public presentation of this fundamental aspect of human history. Our first-rate graduate students conduct cutting-edge research and gain valuable teaching experience, both of which directly translate into job opportunities and major publications in the field. A UNT PhD in Military History will prepare you to enhance the public's understanding of the interrelationship between war, society, technology, domestic politics, and international relations.

Areas of study for doctoral students: Military History