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Executive Council

In 2008 we created an Executive Council for the Military History Center to function as a patron organization. Our vision is to have twenty members of the community working with us to promote the study and importance of military history in the greater DFW area. Dr. Gus Seligmann is the Chairman of the Board.

The Executive Council plays a large role in fundraising. As many universities have turned their backs on military history in an ongoing post-Vietnam revulsion with war and military affairs, the University of North Texas is committed to increasing the profile of its military history program, which is anchored by the Military History Center. In the upcoming years we will be working to create endowed chairs in military history. The purpose of such endowments is to attract outstanding faculty to UNT and to support the work of graduate students. The latter is especially imperative in order to replenish the ranks of military historians who retire. Thus, the Executive Council plays a large role in the future of military history not only at UNT, but in higher education throughout the United States.

If you are interested in being a member, please review the Council's charter and contact the Center's Deputy Director, Dr. Michael Leggiere, at 940-565-2690 or Michael.leggiere@unt.edu.

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Current Members

Mr. Richard Ames

Mr. Barry L. Brown

Mr. Thomas M. Hagan

Mr. Venson L. Herron

Mr. Jay Hollowell

Mr. C. Chris Johnson

Mr. Marshall Lilly

Dr. Ronald Marcello

Mr. Mike Mlinac

Mr. Al Murdock

Mr. Stephen Murdock

Lynne A. Parkhurst, Esq.

Dr. Tiffany Smith Chamberlain

Dr. Gustav L. Seligmann, Jr.

Mr. Jay T. Young

Past Members

Colonel John G. Campbell

Mr. James S. Mewhinney

Dr. Alred F. Hurley

Mr. Mark Hurley

Dr. Jerry Farrington

Major-General Edmund Rafalko, US Air Force (Ret.)

Mr. James Walker

Mr. Robert Wood

Colonel JP Hogan, US Army (Ret.)

Colonel John Antal, US Army (Ret.)

Mr. Robert G. Epstein

Mr. Robert F. Sherman