Teaching Assistant and Teaching Fellow Program | Department of History

Teaching Assistant and Teaching Fellow Program

The Department of History at the University of North Texas offers Teaching Assistantships and Teaching Fellowships to eligible students via competitive application. Teaching assistantships consist of aiding full-time faculty in the teaching of one or two courses. Teaching fellowships (PhD students only) consist of the independent teaching of one or two survey courses. Appointments are for one semester at a time. Summer appointments are also available, pending funding. Applicants for teaching fellowships and teaching assistantships who are highly rated but for whom there is no teaching position available are designated alternates. Teaching assistants/fellows are required to be enrolled in 9 credit hours per semester unless in thesis/dissertation hours.

Students awarded a teaching assistantship/fellowship may be eligible for the UNT Tuition Benefit Program Award (TBP), which provides funding support for tuition and mandatory benefits. The Graduate Student & Program Specialist will determine if Teaching assistants/fellows are eligible for TBP each academic year.

Additionally, in order to remain eligible for TA/TF assignments, students must continue to make timely progress on their degrees. Students who fail to maintain the academic and professional expectations outlined in the Department of History's Graduate Student Expectations of Academic and Professional Conduct may be dismissed from the TA/TF program. Additionally, PhD students who fail to pass their comprehensive exams or master's student who fail to defend their MA thesis within one semester of finishing their coursework may also be dismissed from the TA/TF program.

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