Executive Council ~ Photo Gallery | Department of History

Executive Council ~ Photo Gallery

OSS-101 National Reunion 2012

The veterans are all in the front row. The gentlemen in the caps are all Burmese Americans who appreciate these veterans sacrifices on behalf of their country.

Colonel John Antal and Brian Ferry, Vice President and Treasurer of the OSS-101 Association, Inc.

Executive Council Dinner at Nicola's Restaurant 2012

Dr. Marcello, Mr. Murdock, Mr. Hagan, and Colonel Hogan

Colonel Hogan and Dr. Seligmann

Excellent job by the staff at Nicola's

Dr. McCaslin discussing department politics with Dr. Citino

Preparing to dine!

Colonel JP Hogan with Drs. Seligmann, McCaslin, and Citino

Colonel Hogan, Drs. Seligmann, McCaslin and Citino, and Colonel Antal

Executive Council Dinner at Lavendou's French Bistro 9/27/2010

The French dine in style!

Dean of Arts and Sciences Michael Monticino meets the Executive Council

Dr. Tanner & Dr. McCaslin, UNT MHC Fellows, chat with Dr. Wawro and Councilman Bob Wood

Dr. Citino contemplating his next book: "The French Way of Cooking"

The Executive Council getting down to business

Councilman Bob Epstein discussing fundraising

Councilman Bob Wood discussing the Foulois Project

Is that Bismarck or Councilman Gus Seligmann?

Councilmen Jim Walker and Jay Young

Councilmen Epstein and Bob Sherman and Dr. Citino following Councilman Wood's presentation

Executive Council Dinner at Texas de Brazil 9/30/2009

Gus Seligmann and Bob Sherman conversing before dinner

Dr. Citino relaxing before dinner

Jay Young, Gus Seligman, Bob Sherman, and General Rafalko discussing strategy for the Military History Center

Bob Epstein and Drs. Rigg, Wawro, Citino, and Seligmann

Geoff Wawro discussing National Security with Jay Young

Dr. Wawro explaining exactly what constitutes an Austrian "army of pigs.

General Rafalko takes his football just as serious as his history: Go Air Force!

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