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UNT Faculty Fellows

The UNT Faculty Fellows are either military historians or historians with a keen interest in the impact of war on society, politics and peace. They contribute to the Center by providing depth, experience and professional contacts to our broadly-based program.

  • Kathryne Beebe: The Middle Ages, Crusade & Jihad, Gender and War, War and Religion, War and Society, Medieval Technology, History of Science
  • Guy Chet: Colonial/Revolutionary America, American Military History, British Empire, Atlantic Piracy, Military Revolution, Roman Military History
  • Christopher Fuhrmann: Ancient Greece & Rome, War and Society, War and Religion
  • Kate Imy: British Empire and Commonwealth, First World War, Race and War, War and Society, Gender and War, War and Religion, Culture of War
  • Michael V. Leggiere: French Revolution & Napoleon, War and Society, Culture of War, Military Revolution, 18th Century Europe, 19th Century Europe, Modern Germany, Modern France, Race and War, Military Theory & Strategic Thought
  • Vojin Majstorović: Second World War, Eastern Front, Balkans, Holocaust, War Crimes, Violence
  • Alexander Mendoza: US Civil War, American Military Culture, War and Society, Culture of War, Early US Military History to 1815, Texas Military History, Race and War, 20th Century US Military History, Second World War
  • Alfred C. Mierzejewski: Nazi Germany, Modern Germany, 19th Century Europe, Second World War, Cold War
  • Keith Mitchener: US Maritime History, Naval History, US Marine Corps History, Second World War Pacific Theater
  • Richard B. McCaslin: US Civil War, Texas Military History, American Military Culture
  • Walter Roberts: Roman/Byzantine Military History, Roman and Byzantine Leadership, Early Medieval European Military History
  • Harold M. Tanner: China and Far East, Revolution and Insurgency, Military Theory & Strategic Thought
  • Geoffrey Wawro: 19th Century Europe, War and Society, First World War, Second World War, Cold War, Military Theory & Strategic Thought, British Empire and Commonwealth, 20th Century US Military History, Modern Germany, Modern France, Modern Italy, Culture of War, Revolution and Insurgency
Emeritus Faculty

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