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A Message from the Director:

Welcome to the Military History Center at the University of North Texas! Our goal is to build one of the premier military history programs in the world. We are hiring great military historians, who teach and write well. We use this center to pull together our own faculty and our advisory fellows -- heavyweights like Niall Ferguson, Holger Herwig, and Jeremy Black -- and to attract speakers and conferences like our hugely successful Alfred Hurley Military History Seminar, which has been an annual event in North Texas for thirty-five years. Speakers have included Michael Howard, Martin Blumenson, Dennis Showalter, David Glantz, Carlo D'Este, Allan Millett, and Gerhard Weinberg.

At the UNT Military History Center we offer a PhD. in military history. Here we study, analyze and discuss the history and future of warfare in every era and culture.

Join us in North Texas, or right here on the web.

-Dr. Geoffrey Wawro

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