Walter Roberts | Department of History

Walter Roberts

Professional Faculty, Undergraduate Advisor
WH 229
Ancient World, Byzantium

I received my Ph. D. from Emory University in 2003. My research interests concern the Late Antique Mediterranean world, broadly defined. More specifically I examine the transitional period from ca. 300-ca. 600 CE when Roman political power collapsed in the western Mediterranean and western European regions while surviving in the eastern Mediterranean in the form of the Byzantine Empire. Thematically, I am interested in the intersection of religion, warfare, and imperial patronage during this time period. I currently teach at the University of North Texas (UNT) as a continuing Principal Lecturer in the Department of History. I am also an Undergraduate Advisor for the department, a UNT Military History Center Fellow, and a member of the faculty for the UNT Jewish and Israel Studies Program. I have published several articles and essays on relations between Christian bishops and monks and imperial authorities in the 4th and 5th centuries and have contributed biographies of several late 4th century Roman emperors to the De Imperatoribus Romanis scholarly website. My current research deals with the broad theme of the changing nature of imperial patronage in the 4th-6th century Late Roman/Byzantine Empire. In addition to the University of North Texas, I have taught at Ohio University and the University of Arizona.

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