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Classical Studies

A minor in classical studies requires 18 hours. Six hours (but no more) must be in Latin (LATI) or ancient Greek language classes at any level, and another 6 advanced hours must be from the following core courses:

  • AEAH 4802, Art of Ancient Greece
  • AEAH 4803, Art of Ancient Rome
  • ENGL 3360, Survey of Classical Literature
  • HIST 4002, Ancient Greece
  • HIST 4003, The Roman Republic and Augustus
  • HIST 3762, Rome: The Biography of a City
  • HIST 4007, Roman Warfare
  • HIST 4216, Rome's Jewish Wars and the Roman Near East
  • HIST 4217, Jew, Greek and Roman: Backgrounds of Early Christianity
  • PHIL 3310, Ancient Philosophy

Classics-themed study abroad classes (including some recent summer offerings of HIST 4262) also count as Classical Studies core courses.

The remaining 6 hours to fulfill the 18-hour requirement may be selected from the above list of core courses or other courses listed below:

  • ANTH/ARCH 3650, Origins of Civilization
  • ART 2350, Art History Survey I
  • AEAH 4801, Topics (when the focus is ancient)
  • ENGL 3431, Early Medieval Literature
  • HIST 3770, Ancient and Medieval Women, Gender and Sexuality
  • HIST 4010, History of Science and Technology to Newton
  • HIST 4215, Jews under Greek and Roman Rule
  • HIST 4315, History of Anti-Semitism from Ancient Times to the Present
  • HIST 4260, 4262, 4263 or 4900, Topics (when the focus is ancient)
  • HIST 4650, Evolution of Warfare to Napoleon
  • HNRS 4000, 4100, 4500, 4900, 4951 (when the focus is ancient)
  • PHIL 2310, Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL 3500, Christianity and Philosophy
  • PHIL 3510 (formerly 3570), Hebrew Bible
  • PHIL 3520 (formerly 3580), Early Christian Thought
  • PSCI 3310, Political Theory: Socrates to the Eighteenth Century
  • PSCI 4330, Topics (when focus is ancient)

Other courses may also qualify, if approved by the Classical Studies adviser. Interested students should contact Prof. Christopher Fuhrmann, Department of History (

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