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African American Studies

African American Studies Requirements
A minor in African-American studies requires 18 hours, including:
•HIST 4440 - African-American History and Culture to 1865
•HIST 4450 - African-American History and Culture Since 1865
•HIST 4580 - Africa to the Nineteenth Century
Plus three courses
You must take three other courses about the African American experience from at least two different departments. Courses may include, but are not limited to, the following:
•AGER 4560 - Minority Aging
•ANTH 3130 - African-American Anthropology
•CJUS 3700 - Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
•CJUS 4870 - Topics in Criminal Justice
•COMM 4260 - Performance and Culture
•HIST 4260 - Topics in History (when topic relates to African-American studies)
•HIST 4263 - Topics in African-, Asian- or Latin American History (when topic relates to African-American studies)
•HIST 4590 - Modern Africa
•HIST 4830 - The Old South
•HIST 4840 - The New South
•JOUR 4250 - Race, Gender and the Media: A Methods Approach
•MUET 3030 - Music Cultures of the World
•MUJS 4470 - History of Jazz
•PSCI 3100 - Topics in American Government (when topic relates to African-American studies)
•PSCI 4200 - Constitutional Law: Powers of Government
•INFO 4685 - Information Resources in Culturally Diverse Communities
•SOCI 2010 - Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity

Additional courses may be counted toward a minor in African American Studies with permission from the Department of History.

Fall 2020 African American Studies Courses

•HIST 4440 African American History to 1865
•HIST 4455 History of Black Women
•HIST 4580 African to Nineteenth Century
•HIST 4261 (Special Topics) Slavery and the Origins of the Present
•HIST 4830 Old South (approved title change: Rise and Fall of the Slave South)

Political Science:
•PSCI 3100 (Special Topics) African American Politics
•PSCI 3105 Political Economy of Race and Gender

•ANTH 3130 African American Anthropology
•ANTH 3400 Peoples of Africa
•ANTH 4550 Race, Ethnicity, Identity

•PSYC 4030 Multicultural Psychology
•PSYC 4040 Race in the U.S.

•SOCI 4540 Race and Ethnic Minorities

For more information, please contact Christopher Todd, advisor to the African-American Studies Minor
Wooten Hall 225

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