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North Texas Skeptics Home Page

The Independent Birth of Organisms

Hollywood Archaeology

Audio/Video tapes
This is a huge resource for video/audio tapes and CD's covering all subjects of new/old thoughts and beliefs.

Aeon magazine

Forbidden Archeology
The site discusses archaeological anomalies.

Jerry Ziegler, YHWH, Indra Girt by Maruts

A downloadable novel in .pdf format[Requires Adobe's ACROBAT Reader].This novel seems to touch on most contemporary "para-ideas."

DreamGate Web

Oceania - The Atlantis Project
This is a project to build an artificial island and create a new and perfect sovereign nation.

The Truth About King Arthur?

Mythology and Folklore

Arthurian Booklist


Holy Grail
The resource to the legendary search for the Holy Grail.

Heraldry - Arthurian
This gives an account of what late medieval (13th to 15th century) people thought `Arthurian Heraldry' should look like.


The Astrological Association

Introduction to Archaeoastronomy

Stonehenge Campaign
This is an organization that wants free access to the site to celebrate solstices and equinoxes.

Stonehenge Barrows as a Starmap

New Age/Old Hat Spiritualism
Believers Information Network

Ignatius Donnelly and the End of the World

Earth Ascending - Welcome to the Core

Living Universe Foundation

This site is a collection of weird conspiracies.

The Anomalist
The Anomalist is a periodical exploring the mysteries of science, nature, and history.

The Monthly Aspectarian
Chicago's New Age Magazine.

Changes: Celebrating Our Growing Consciousness

The Federation of Damanhur

DreamTime Web Site
This a spiritually based newsletter where they make predictions of stocks, commodities and global events through dreams, feelings and intuition.

Karl Hans Welz

Metal Detecting Site

Rosicrucian Park

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

    Fringe Archaeology Guides

    Doug Weller's Archaeology Site
    with references to other sites and articles on 'cult' or 'fringe' archaeology

    Magnetic Fun

    The Museum of Unnatural Mystery

    CyberSpace Orbit

    Web Weirdness

    Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)
    SSE provides a critical forum of rationality and observational evidence for the often strange claims at the fringes of science.

    Parascope is a collection of the bizarre, odd, and downright weird conspiracies. The Kennedy assassination, the Loch Ness monster, aliens among us and other such paranormal or evil phenomena are among the topics covered at the site.

    Crank Menagerie
    The links collected here showcase the wide variety of strange sites on the web.

    University of Ediacara
    The University of Ediacara (U of E) is an online virtual University dedicated to the study of the origins of life in the cosmos.

    index of alternative culture sites

    Seattle Weird Sciences Salon

    MAD Sci Network
    The MAD Scientist Network is a global, collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions.

    Donald Simanek's Pages

    Donald Simanek's Back Page

    British Columbia Skeptics Society

    The Skeptic's Dictionary

    Skeptics Society

    Australian Skeptics


    The Talk.Origins Archive

    Tero Sand's Anti-Crap Pages
    Tero Sand is deceased but his web site is still online. Regrettably, he had not completed it, but it is well-worth a visit.


    Cosma Shalizi's Home Page

    Weird Research, Anomalous Physics

    Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

    Annals of Improbable Research

    Atomic Books

    At the Edge

    The NeoScience Institute


    Science Hobbyist

    Strange Science
    Humorous look at early science focuses on historic misconceptions. For example, dinosaur fossils unearthed in the 17th century were dragon bones.

    your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions

    Updating Your Spiritual Vision

    AvatarSearch contains extensive database capacities allowing you to add, modify or even delete your web site's listings as needed.

      Afrocentrism, History, and Archaeology

      General Afrocentrism Debate
      Afrocentric News Network
      The Afro Centric News Network is an approach to meet the needs of a growing awareness and demand for Afro-centered information.

      The Universal Afrocentric Events Calendar

      The Afrocentric Experience
      Here one can find articles about the African experience and the African Diaspora. This site includes a great profile of great African Kings and Queens.

      Afrocentric and Eurocentric Worldviews

      African American Racism in the Academic Community

      Academic Terrorism: The Fight Against Black Scholarship

      In Pursuit of George G

      Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan Virtual Museum
      Dr. Ben-Jochannan acts as a primary bridge between African Americans and their story.

      The National Black United Front

      The Black World Today

      Afrocentric Voices in "Classical" Music
      This page focuses on African Americans who have significantly contributed to the world of vocal classical music. It includes extensive bibliographies, biographies, music.


      Our Story
      This is based on Hidden History: The Omitted True Story of Black People.

      African American Literature Book Club

      Africa Update issue on African History

      Cheik Anta Diop
      Page d'accueil de l'ucad

      The Cultural Unity of Black Africa

      Les fondements endognes d'une culture de la paix au Mali

      Sacred Scrolls
      information on the African Origin of Civilization

      Still Out of Africa
      This debates the implications of an Anti-Afrocentric Critique.

      The Role of Philosophy in the Breakdown of Modern Society

      Ivan Sertima and Others
      Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
      This site provides notes on Van Sertima's books from the Journal of African Civilizations.

      Reply to Criticism
      This is an article on Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's critics.

      Femi Akomolafe
      review of Ivan Sertima, They Came before Columbus

      Van Sertima Responds to Academic Terrorism

      ISAR: Van Sertima's Afrocentricity
      This page gives abstracts of two articles contrary to the African-Olmec linkage.

      Speech Highlights Black History Month
      features the story "Reply To My Critics," by Ivan Van Sertima

      Early America Revisited

      Tehuti Online

      Kraal Cultural Manual

      Sprauve on: Were there Africans Before
      The undisputed leader in this field of research among caribbeanists is the Guyanese anthropologist and linguist Ivan Van Sertima.

        Unaccepted Theories

        Aquatic Ape

        Arrowhead Links

        Arrowhead Pictures and Sales

        Ted's Indian Arrowhead & Artifact Collection
        This site contains close-up photographs of a large selection of authentic American Indian arrowheads and artifacts.

        Two Views of the Bell Curve

        The Eve Hypothesis
        DNA from Adam and Eve

        Ancient DNA

        The Gaia Hypothesis
        Some Gaia Resources

        Earth Mysteries
        This site is intended to serve as an introduction to the various aspects of earth mysteries.

        The Senapathy Hypothesis
        Senapathy independent birth theory explained

        Contra Senapaty
        Dr. Arlin Stoltzfus provided a set of globin gene sequences and three evolutionary trees constructed and he explains why he believes that the congruence of the sequence similarities disproves the independent birth theory. The presentation is a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how sequence similarities are analyzed.

        Senapathy Responds
        This page is a set of detailed replies to many of the questions raised about theory.

        Home Page

        Nikola Tesla

        Nikola Tesla: related WWW links

        Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils (Bill Beaty's Homepage)

        Tesla, tesla coils, jacob's ladder, high voltage

        Nikola Tesla: Tesla Memorial Society, Inc.

        Tesla Coils

        Tesla Biography

        Tesla Engine Builders Association

        Bill Beaty's Tesla Home Page

        Tesla Biography

        Nikola Tesla: Suggested Readings and Videos

        Nikola Tesla: Anecdotes

        Nikola Tesla: Others on Tesla

        Lawson's Progress
        This site provides stories, images, and primary sources portray the life of Alfred Lawson, a baseball player, aviation pioneer, and cult leader.

        E. T. Jaynes
        This explains Jaynes' program of embodying the formal system of doing plausible reasoning into a deterministic computer program that satisfies three basic desiderata.

        Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon as One

        The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE)


          The Wild Side of Geoarchaeology Page

          Comets, Culture, & Currency

          Comets and the Bronze Age

          Comet Phaeton's Ride

          Catastrophism, Neocatastrophism and Evolution

          This argues that prevailing views of patterns and processes in the evolution of life on Earth have changed in a significant fashion over the past few years.

          Prof Alfred de Grazia commentaries on Catastrophism

          Forbidden Archeology, The Hidden History of the Human Race

          The Sourcebook Project

          Here you will find one of the largest collections of references (over 100) on geologically anomalous concretions, including illustrations.

          When the Earth Nearly Died

          Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change 9500 BC

          Problems in the Glacial Theory

          Immanuel Velikovsky: A Short Biography

          The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive

          This site is maintained to ensure the integrity and preservation of Velikovsky's unpublished writings.

          Hatshepsut, the Queen of Sheba, and Immanuel Velikovsky

          This site examines several of Velikovsky's statements and claims made in Ages in Chaos.

          Venus in the Corner Pocket: The Controversial Theories of Immanuel Velikovsky

          This looks at the theory put forth in his 1950s text Worlds in Collision, and gives geologists and physicists reactions to it.

          Velikovsky: Cosmos and Chronos

          The Velikovskian

          This is a journal of myth, history, and science exploring the possibility of global catastrophism in human history.

          The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

          This is an organization devoted to the study of catastrophist and Velikovskian theories for the revision of the history of the ancient Near East.

          Carl Sagan & Immanuel Velikovsky

            Creationism vs. Evolution

            Energion Bookshelf Review of Science and Creationism
            This is a review of Science and Creationism, a collection of essays on the creation/evolution debate.

            Creationism: was Darwin wrong?

            Biology Senior Seminar Student Papers

            This site features scholarly and popular resources concerning intelligent design and philosophical theism.

            Web Site of the Month
            Each month, a web page columnist selects one web page related to creation or evolution.

            Creation Science

            Creation Research Society

            Ohio Creation Science Groups

            Origin of the Universe Today
            Hyperscience proposes a New Genesis from Nothing , a criticism of the big bang theory of the bases of classical and quantum science.

            Biopolis Homepage

            Creation "Science" Debunked

            Creation Evidence Museum

            Paluxy Dinosaur/"Man Track" Controversy

            The Creation Truth Foundation, Inc. Homepage
            This is a Biblical Creation Science organization that is re-educating adults, educators, and children on the subject of the universe's origins according to the Bible.

            Creation vs. Evolution ( science news, educational issues )

            Lucy's Knee Joint

            Creation-Science Research Center

            The Talk.Origins Website

            The Institute For Creation Research

            Creation Science Association of Alberta

            The National Center for Science Education
            activists for mainstream scientific education

            People for Ethical Evolutionary Practices

            Are scientists afraid of Ed Conrad?
            Periodically a "Man as old as Coal" thread hits the newsgroups

            Analyses of Conrad's Specimens

            The Piltdown Plot
            one of the favorite cases for creationists

            Creationism Connection

            Malcolm Bowden's Home Page

            Center for Scientific Creation

            Creation Science Resources

            School Board Trustee at Large

            Creation Science Evangelism

            Creation, Creationism, & Empirical Theistic Arguments Index Page
            This has contents for essays on scientific and philosophical objections to the theory of evolution.

            Do real scientists believe in Creation?

            Creation Science Links

            The Genesis Network
            articles, news, and information on creation

            Creation Science Resources

            Creation Evolution Encyclopedia and Natural Remedies Encyclopedia
            sections include origin of matter, stars, solar system, earth, age of the earth, dating of time in evolution, primitive environment, DNA and cells, natural selection, mutations, species evolution, fossils, strata, ancient man, the flood, similarities, vestiges, recapitulation, laws of nature, drift and tectonics, history of evolutionary theory, evolution and society

            Evolution vs. Creation Science
            This gives articles and links describing the nature of the debate, with a history of the conflict and possible resolutions.

            ACLU - Church & State
            These are position papers on church & state, creation & science, and school prayer. There are also links to related court cases and Congressional documents.

            Evolution vs Creation Science
            favors evolution

            Theology and Science Without Dualism

            A History of the Warfare of Science With Technology

            Creation Research, Science Education Foundation

            Links to Some Other Creation Sites

            Science, Naturalism, & Origins - The Creation-Evolution Debate

            Creation Science Videos

            Proving Evolution or Creation Science



            Creation Science Groups

            Resolving the Evolution vs. Creation Science Conflict

            Various Evolution and Creation Science Beliefs

            History of the Conflict Between Evolution and Creation Science

            The Creation Science Movement in Korea

            Creation in the Crossfire

            Earth History Research Center
            dedicated to finding a scientific proof of origins consistent with the Bible

            Awesome Works
            creation science, fossils, artifacts, videos

            Creation Science Answers

            Being a Christian in Science

              Biblical and Chronology Identifications

              Report on the Firmament

              Does the Bible claim that the Flood of Noah covered the entire Earth

              Noah's Flood - Where did the Water Go?

              The Genesis Flood

              Vapor Canopy FAQ

              ChristianAnswers.Net: Is Noah's Ark Out There?

              on matters dealing with Creation and other Biblical subjects

              Wyatt, a Criqique

                Non-Traditional Egyptology

                Sunship - Giza on Line

                Imwh Annu El: A.T.O.N's Egypt

                Abydos palimpsest
                in English

                Richard Hoagland: Egypt and Ancient Wisdom

                Egyptian Dream

                Archaeological Developments at Giza

                The Great Pyramid as a Rational Structure

                The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
                publishes a Review (SISR) and Workshop (SISW), have often had articles on Egypt

                Conspiracy Against Black Egypt

                MAAT News
                describes the firing and disciplining of one who attempted to reveal the discovery of proof of a Black Egypt

                Aliens and Egypt
                Hoagland's Site
                This site has become involved with the opening of the Great Pyramid chamber.

                Bellah, James Egypt
                Baalbek and Cydonia links with some interesting photos

                Redating Egypt
                Centuries of Darkness

                Morgana's Observatory: Controversies (Sphinx)
                The Modern Riddle of the Ancient Sphinx

                Adrian Gilbert's Ezine

                Robert Bauval

                The Sphinx on Mars by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock

                The Giza Complex

                The Orion Mystery

                Sphinx / Mars Connection

                Egyptology page at the Noise Room
                information on pages dedicated to Archeo-astronomy & Egyptology

                Age of the Sphinx
                new evidence from Giza appears to prove that the Sphinx was built over 10,000 years ago, rewriting ancient history

                Great Pyramid. The Revelation of Adam in Stone

                Pharaoh's Pump Foundation

                Modern Iterations and Neo-Pagan Interpretations of Egyptian Religion
                "HOR" by Peter Preston

                House of Isis and Osiris

                  Africa and the Middle East

                  Middle East Chronology

                  South African Grooved Sphere Controversy
                  an excerpt from Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo

                    Atlantis and Other Utopias

                    Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration

                    Plato on Atlantis


                    Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found
                    The site presents a new theory on Atlantis by a Brazilian scientist, Professor Arysio Santos, which he discovered in the Indian Ocean.

                    Atlantis: The Great Lost Civilization

                    Atlantis in Antarctica

                    In Italian. Sub pages include Atlantis and Edgar Cayce, Atlantis - The Vision of Edgar Cayce, An Atlantean Meditation, An Atlantean Regression, Atlantean Healing, The Atlantean Healing Temple, The Bermuda Triangle, The Crystal Power and Energies in Atlantis, Atlantean Visions, an Atlantis Mailing List. It also references Egypt, the Pyramids, and many more occult topics.

                    The Sunken Kingdom
                    a review of a book by Peter James

                    Lost Continent of Atlantis
                    This site proposes a connection between Minoan Crete and Atlantis.

                    Paul Heinrich's Wild Side of Geoarchaeology
                    The Antarctic location is discussed in his FOG pages. Heinrich also has aticles on the so-called "Bimini Road" and Lemuria.

                    The Bimini Rocks
                    Examples of 'beach rock', which are natural rock formations that can, from afar, appear to be manmade "paving stones", exist in many parts of the world.

                      Astronomical Interpretations

                      Hale-Bopp Special
                      Asteroids, Comets, and the Apocalypse

                      Hale-Bopp Image Archive

                      Hale Bopp's 2200 BCE Visit

                      Sky and Telescope Magazine On-line Comet page

                      Comet Hale-Bopp

                      NASA's' Comet Home Page

                      US Naval Observatory Hale-Bopp

                      The Nine Planets Comet page

                      Extra-Terrestrial Monuments
                      Mars in the Mind of Earth Bibliography site

                      Mars/Earth Conspiracy

                      Richard Hoagland

                      Planetary Mysteries

                      The Face and Pyramids of Mars
                      Mars Orbiter Camera Views Face on Mars

                      NASA Photographs of Cydonia

                      Bizarre Mars Rumor

                      Malta UFO Research

                      Cydonia, Mars, and the Stones of Fire

                      The Pyramids of Egypt and Mars
                      suggests a conspiracy to hide a Mars/Egypt/Mayan connection

                      The Face On Mars - Michael Malin

                      Moon Monuments
                      Blair Cuspids
                      An extensive examination of two Lunar Orbiter photographs of the first and only anomalous structures on the moon to create something of a media stir during the U.S. moon program of the 1960's.

                      National Space Science Data Center - Moon Page

                        The Americas

                        North America
                        Epigraphy Forum

                        Skeptical Archaeologist Front Door

                        America's Stonehenge
                        America's Stonehenge is one of the largest and possibly the oldest megalithic (stone-constructed) sites in North America. It has long presented a complicated and intriguing puzzle to archeologists, astronomers, and historians.

                        Nat-Lang (1995): Barry Fell

                        Hu McCulloch on Diffusion

                        Epigraphy Forum

                        Phoenician Map

                        SSSSSig, The Sinister Sliding Stones Studies Sig

                        Brown Bag Preprint List-Caltech Basic and Applied Physics Group

                        In Plain Sight
                        This research has shown the presence of people from such places as Scandinavia, Egypt, Iberia, and Libya in ancient times in the central portion of the United States.

                        Muslims in the Americas Before Columbus
                        Numerous evidence suggests that Muslims from Spain and West Africa arrived in the Americas at least five centuries before Co1umbus.

                        The Olmecs: African?, American?, or Chinese? Makubwa 's Home Page

                        The Decipherment of the Olmec Writing System

                        Olmec Inscriptions
                        similarities of Olmec script and that used by the Vai people of West Africa

                        Bilingual Mayan-Olmec Text

                        The Maya
                        Book: The Mayan Prophecies

                        Early Whites in America

                        Whites in America 2

                        South America
                        Four Winds Society
                        offers long term training courses in Inka Shamanism

                          Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti

                          Pib's Collection of Cryptozoology Resources

                          Procession Of The Damned

                          The Cryptozoology Archives: Bigfoot and Other "Hairy Hominoids"

                          Ben S. Roesch's Cryptozoology


                          Cryptozoological Realms

                          The Museum of Unnatural Mystery

                          The Mysterious & Unexplained

                          The Shadowlands' Mysterious Creatures

                          The Shadowlands' Mysterious Serpent

                          Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology
                          misguided attempts to explain natural history, including dinosaurs, mammals, sea monsters and prehistoric beasts

                          Unusual Research

                          Sasquatch Watch

                          Hominid Survivors
                          North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch

                          Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy?

                          Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization

                          Searching for Hidden Animals

                          British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club

                          Bigfoot - Crookston Minnesota

                          Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group

                          Creature Chronicles

                          British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club

                          Rob's Sasquatch Files

                          The Unnatural Museum - The Yeti

                          Anomalous Links: Crytozoology


                          Yeti Page

                          Nguoi Rung - Vietnamese Forest People

                          Homo Erectus Info

                          Kow Swamp Man: Original Article

                          Creationism and Human Evolution

                          Chupacabra - the Puerto Rican Hominid/Alien import
                          Index - Goatsucker Web Links

                          The Talisman Media Group


                          Adventures Beyond, Chucpacabra

                          Leut's Jersey Devil Page


                          Official Loch Ness Exhibition

                          Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club

                          The Zuiyo-maru Carcass

                            Carlos Castaneda and New Age Shamanism


                            Shamanism Overview

                            Cleargreen Presents Castaneda

                            Starfire's Paranormal Links - Castaneda

                            The German Cleargreen Site

                            The Four Yogas Of Enlightenment

                            Ixtlan Gallery

                            This is a study in the methods of Carlos Castenada & Ingo Swann.

                            The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

                            Hallucinogens and Shamanism
                            Soc & Anth 72: Shamanism

                            Cultural Survival

                            Jim DeKorne's Psychedelic Shamanism

                            Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

                            Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension

                            Ayahuasca Home Page


                            Ayahuasca Workshop in California
                            accounts of a Californian workshop using ayahuasca for Nicholas Saunders' book on spiritual uses of psychoactives

                            The Vision Vine

                            New Medicines from Ancient Bottles

                            Ayahuasca, Now and Then

                            Ayahuasca: King of Brews

                            Ayahuasca is a brew made by sorcerers living along the Amazon River in South America.

                            Ayahuasca Icaro
                            An Icaro is a shamanic power song which is learned either from an elder shaman or from the spirits.

                            Ayahuasca's Gift: Consciousness Expansion

                            Beija Flor Tours of Brasil

                            Peyote - the Huichol
                            Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies
                            founded in 1979 to support the Huichol Indians in keeping their shamanic traditions alive

                            Susana Eger Valadez - The Huichols

                            The Huichol of Mexico, Their Culture

                            Mushrooms and Other
                            Flesh of God
                            The Nahua tribe of Mexico and Hallucinogenics


                            New and Old World Shamanism

                            Shamanism and Western Civilization: Introduction to an Eleusinian Revival

                            Justin's Shaman Links

                            Northwest Myths

                            Southwest Art

                            Tlingit Indian Shamans

                            Hereditary Transmission in Siberian Shamanism

                            New Age Shamanism
                            Access: New Age
                            This is a web resource for Shamanic, Native American, Occult, Esoteric and Metaphysical studies.

                            Albert Nanomius
                            page about New Age issues

                            The Northern Path
                            by Lone Tree Kindred

                            Techno-Shamanism and Rave-Culture

                            Hilarion Home Page

                            Lightworks (TMA Communications)

                            Shamanic Witch

                            The New Age Web Works

                              Dowsing and Geomancy

                              Sacred Sites and Spiritual Geography
                              Places of Peace and Power

                              Sacred Geometry

                              Sacred Geometry - EarthStar Mystic Maps

                              The Centre for Performance Research
                              This is an independent theatre company based in Wales and working internationally.

                              Feng Shui, Earth Acupuncture, Geomancy, Dowsing, Dowsers

                              The Geo Group - Sacred Space & Stone Circles

                              American Society of Dowsers

                              Bannister -
                              Dowsing and The Immune System


                              Dowsing: Divine Gift, Human Ability, Or Occult Power?

                              Dowsing and Divining Ireland
                              This is a Holistic website from rural Ireland covering dowsing, divining and earth energy healing - a member of the Irish Society of Dowsers.

                              Eric Krieg's Dowsing page
                              This is an extensive list of links to pages both supportive and skeptical of dowsing.

                              The use of dowsing for the location of caves

                              Water witching (dowsing) works!

                              Psi-Tronics Visions

                              Feng Shui by Sheila Wright

                              Ultimate Feng Shui - Feng Shui for Dummies

                              Feng-Shui ("Wind and Water")


                              Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
                              Geomancy is the art of placement of both secular and spiritual structures so that they are in harmony.

                              Feng Shui, Earth Acupuncture, Geomancy, Dowsing, Dowsers

                              Earth Mysteries: Ley Lines

                              The Geo Group - Sacred Space & Stone Circles

                                FlatEarthers and HollowEarthers

                                The Flat Earth: A Detailed Study of Personal Bias & Historical Thinking

                                Flat Earth Society

                                Flat Earth Bible

                                The Flat-out Truth

                                Scientific Creationism, Geocentricity, and the Flat Earth

                                The Bible and the Flat Earth? - ChristianAnswers.Net

                                The Skeptical Review (Volume One, Number Three)

                                The International Flat Earth Society

                                The Myth of the Flat Earth / Compiled by Norman Swartz

                                The Flat Earth Society Online
                                the genuine Flat Earth Society parody

                                Hollow Earth Home

                                  Vikings and Asatru

                                  Historical and Archaeological Sites
                                  Leif Ericson

                                  Search for Vinland, The: On the Trail of the Vikings
                                  Norse mariners ventured onto North American shores repeatedly for three centuries in the wake of Herjulfsson's unexpected discovery.

                                  Controversial Sites
                                  Yuri Kuchinsky on the Kensington Rune Stone

                                  Kilian's Chronicle
                                  This film tells the story of Kilian's flight to freedom and his encounter with the original people of America.

                                  Runological projects at NCCH

                                  Runes- The Viking Oracle

                                  Rune Reading

                                  Irminsul Aettir Asatru

                                  Project Runeberg

                                  Raven Online

                                    The Shroud of Turin

                                    Collegamento pro Sindone
                                    The website is both in Italian and English version and it shows brief historical and scientific pages, a guide to an easy reading of the Shroud image, a page with the latest news about the Shroud world and a page for the bibliography and the links to other websites.

                                    Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin
                                    studies, researches, and publishes the findings from the Shroud of Turin and related Relics of the Passion

                                    The Holy Shroud Guild

                                    Science and the Shroud
                                    microbiology meets archaeology in a renewed quest for answers

                                    Shroud of Turin

                                    Shroud of Turin Research at McRI

                                    Shroud of Turin - The Skeptic's Dictionary


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