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Financial Aid & Student Employment

UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships provides several methods of assisting students in financing their education. Applications and complete descriptions of all programs, requirements, and qualifications are available at:

Financial Aid Office
Eagle Student Services Building
Room 228
University of North Texas
Denton, TX 76203
Phone: (940) 565-3901

    Applications for financial aid administered by the university Financial Aid Office should be made by June 1 (for the Fall semester), October 1 (for the Spring semester), and April 1 (for the Summer terms).

    Departmental Scholarships

    The Department of History offers several departmental Graduate scholarships as listed below. Applications will be posted each September on this website under the Forms tab and are also available for pick up from the History office located in WH 225. Applications are due by February 15th of each year for the following academic year.

    Some scholarships may require supplemental application materials (in addition to the materials required by the department for all scholarships). The criteria for each scholarship, as well as the additional supplemental materials required (if applicable) are listed below.

    When applying for scholarships, please carefully read the criteria for each scholarship and closely follow the directions on the application regarding submission of department required materials, as well as scholarship specific supplemental materials.

    • Donald E Chipman Graduate History Scholarship - awarded to a full-time*UNT Department of History Graduate student.
    • Friends of the Department of History Scholarship - awarded to a full-time* UNT Department of History Graduate student.
    • Hatton W. Sumners Scholarship - awarded to full-time* UNT Department of History Doctoral student engaged in the preparation of their Dissertation on some aspect of American History. Preference is given to students with a dissertation topic on some aspect of the U.S. Constitution, or Political or Economic History.
    • History Excellence Scholarship - awarded to a full-time* Undergraduate student at UNT with a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA, or to a full-time* Graduate student in History with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.8.
    • Jack B. Scroggs Graduate Scholarship Fund - awarded to a Doctoral student to allow them to complete their dissertation without duties owed the Department.
    • Jim Berry Pearson Scholarship - awarded to a full-time* Graduate student who is seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself.
    • Ledbetter Family Scholarship - available to a full-time* UNT student (Undergraduate or Graduate) majoring in History.
    • Linda Scott Daughters of the American Revolution History Scholarship - awarded to a full-time* Junior, Senior or graduate student at UNT, majoring in American History with a 3.2 overall and departmental GPA. Applicants are required to provide a statement describing their life goals, including some amplification of each goal and at least one letter of recommendation must be from a UNT History professor.
    • Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti Graduate Fellowship in Military History - awarded to a full-time Graduate student with a concentration in Military History. Student must devote full-time to graduate studies and may not work more than 20 hours per week. Applicants must provide a record of publications and scholarly presentations and letters of recommendations should attest to the integrity and professional/academic potential of the candidate.
    • Nation's Heritage Scholarship - awarded to a full-time*UNT Undergraduate or Graduate student in good standing in the department of History.
    • Shinko & Thomas McDonald Award for Texas History - awarded to a full-time* Graduate student studying Texas History from 1821-1860.
    • History Faculty Scholarship - awarded to a Graduate student in History who has demonstrated superior ability in the study of History.

    *Full-time enrollment is a requirement of this scholarship, unless student has fewer than twice the number of semester hours required to be full time remaining in their degree program.

    Student Employment Opportunities

    The Department of History offers employment to graduate students as Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows as well as staff positions in the History Help Center and in the Kingsbury-Thomason Departmental Library. For information and application forms for these positions, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant.

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