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Vol. 23 (Fall 1993), No. 2


Vol. 23 (Fall 1993), No. 2

Table of Contents

"In Relief of Port Hudson: Richard Taylor's 1862 Lafourche Offensive," by Stephen S. Michot, pp. 103-133

Abstract: Union forces besieged Port Hudson, LA, in 1863 as part of their campaign to control the Mississippi River. Major General Richard Taylor of Louisiana had the responsibility to prevent Port Hudson from falling into Union hands. Several battles fought in the Lafourche region of southern Louisiana failed to relieve Port Hudson, but Taylor and his men performed well.
Key Words: Civil War, Louisiana, Mississippi River, Port Hudson, Lafourche

"U.S. Navy Gunboats and the Slave Trade in Louisiana Waters, 1808-1811," by Gene A. Smith, pp. 135-147

Abstract: Shallow-draft gunboats patrolled the Mississippi River and other waterways in southern Louisiana in the early nineteenth century in an effort to interdict the illegal slave trade. The wooden vessels quickly deteriorated, and the crews were seriously undermanned. The smuggling of slaves, especially by Jean LaFitte, continued unabated until 1811. The men participated in putting down the River Road slave revolt in 1811.
Key Words: Slave trade, navy, Louisiana, Mississippi River, Jean LaFitte

"World War II Glider Pilot Training in Arizona," by J. Norman Grim, pp. 149-167

Abstract: From 1942 to 1943 the U.S. Army Air Forces operated a glider- training academy in the Arizona desert. Pilots had physical training as well as ground school and flight instruction. The gliders were not of the best quality, and the base itself lacked amenities, especially at first. Several mishaps occurred, some interesting and some lethal. The pilots went on to serve in various theaters of World War II with distinction.
Key Words: World War II, gliders, pilots, Arizona

"Two 'Lost' Battle Reports: Horace Randal's and Joseph L. Brent's Reports of the Battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, 8 and 9 April 1864," by Jane Harris Johansson and David H. Johansson, pp. 149-167

Abstract: Edited and annotated battle reports from Colonel Horace Randal of Walker's Texas Division (describing the tactics, maneuvers, and casualties of the battles around Mansfield, Louisiana) and from Colonel Joseph Lancaster Brent (recounting the artillery maneuvers of the same battles). These reports were previously unpublished and almost unknown.
Key Words: Civil War, Red River campaign, Walker's Texas Division, infantry, artillery

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