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Pre Civil War Web Resources

Pre-Revolutionary War Era

    Fortress of Louisbourg
    "tourist information and more about the fortress and 18th-century reconstruction on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia."
    The Buffalo Barracks
    "is devoted to the "Buffalo Barracks" military post, which existed two decades prior to the Civil War, in Buffalo, New York. Several young officers served in garrison there between 1838 and 1846, and then later became quite famous in the wars that followed."
    -- Cliff Williams.
    American Longrifles
    dedicated to the study and building of historically accurate American longrifles otherwise known as Kentucky or Pennsylvania rifles
    Spanish Colonial Military Artifacts
    An online exhibit interpreting ca. 1650-1821 Spanish colonial military artifacts from southeastern North America focusing upon such uniform-related materials as buttons, buckles, and insignia


The French and Indian War


The American Revolution


Royalists in the War for Independence


War of 1812


Mexican War

    The Mexican-American War Memorial Homepage
    Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site
    Monterey County Historical Society: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Treaty with Mexico (February 2, 1848)
    "by which the United States gained not only Texas but New Mexico and Upper California."
    Descendents of Mexican War Veterans
    is a non-profit, non-political, national lineage society chartered by the State of Texas. Its purposes are historical, genealogical, educational and charitable in character. Currently, the DMWV has more than 300 members, both men and women, scattered across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Approximately 10% are historians, university professors, and other interested persons who have joined as associate members. Activities include erecting monuments and memorials, preservation, protection and enhancement of historic sites, and compiling and sharing information about the Mexican War and its veterans. The DMWV regularly publishes a periodical, MEXICAN WAR Journal, and a newsletter, The American Eagle
    Mexican-American Memorial Homepage
    "Historia en Red, a working group of Mexican history students, invite you to visit the Mexican-American Memorial Homepage / Album Conmemorativo de la Guerra entre Mexico y Estados Unidos. It contains some texts, documents, a detailed day to day chronicle, and a lot of images."




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