Clark Pomerleau | Department of History

Clark Pomerleau

Associate Professor
U.S. Women's, Gender, and Sexuality History


I am an historian of U.S. gender and sexuality history who studies how intersecting oppressions and resistance function in the American experiment with democratic freedom. My U.S. history survey since 1865, undergraduate courses about gender, sexuality, religious cultures, or post-WWII U.S., and graduate courses integrate race, class, and region. Courses invite students to explore how the past helps make sense of their present. I advise students with a range of topics related to intersectionality and social or cultural history. I also serve on the Women's and Gender Studies Executive Committee and LGBT Studies Advisory Board at UNT.

UNT Faculty Profile


Califia Women: Feminist Education against Sexism, Classism, and Racism is the first book-length study of the 1970s-1980s feminist alternative education that underpinned the overall feminist network of bookstores, health centers, restaurants, and record companies. I show that radical and cultural feminists worked together well into the 1980s to blend political resistance with "women's culture" while continuously struggling to incorporate race and class differences. My current work extends "alternative community formation" to environmentalism among organic farmers and a longer religiously-influenced history of combining concerns for health with environmental stewardship. My articles and chapters have centered LGBTQ U.S. history, lesbian contributions, and trans-inclusive best practices.

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