Kate L. Doak | Department of History

Kate L. Doak

Email: KateDoak@my.unt.edu

Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Master's Thesis: "Health on the Homestead: Women Physicians and the Search for Professional Medical Authority in the American West, 1870-1930"

Major Professor: Dr. Michael Wise

Specialty Areas: American West, Medical History, Gender History, Nineteenth Century

I am a PhD student researching the experiences of women in the American West, with a focus on how they engaged with both traditional and professional medical practices. I am currently in the early stages of my dissertation in which I intend to demonstrate where in the United States women found the most success in the medical profession between the mid-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. I also serve the department as a Teaching Fellow, assisting faculty with their survey courses, as well as teaching my own.

Additional information:

  • Fall 2019, Contributed to the oral history digital project "Blowout: A Community's Engagement with Fracking in Denton, TX"
  • March 2019, "The Domestic West: Evaluating the Role of Victorian Domesticity in the American West" University of North Texas History Department: Body Place Identity: Denton, TX
  • April 2016, "Rewriting Colonial History: The Law of February 2005" St. John's University: Student Research Day

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