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Eagle History Society

The Eagle History Society is a student-led extracurricular history club open to all majors at all levels with no requirements for membership other than an interest in history. The club is a fun place for students to gather for movie nights, trivia nights, field trips, interesting outings, and a host of other events each semester.

About the group:

The UNT Eagles History Society was founded by Brooke Esdall, Josh Lopez, Carlos Hughes, Alexandria Wolridge, and Julia Wetzel at the advisement and encouragement of Dr. Phelps. We began working on the organization in Fall of 2019, and activities started in the spring. The society was founded to help bring history lovers together to encourage a love of history while interacting in different realms of professional history. It is our goal to open doors to students wishing to pursue a degree in history.

Joining the EHS will allow students to connect with other history lovers while interacting with history itself. The society also helps students connect with faculty members within the History Department and engage with resources in the professional realm of history. Various jobs in the world of history are showcased to show students that there is more to the professional world of history than just teaching. It is possible to have a job in history and not starve! In addition to these academic and professional opportunities, we are also proud to help connect students with each other to forge lasting friendships. During times such as these, connection is more important than ever, and we hope to help facilitate those connections.

We are currently looking for undergraduate officers. Please contact either president for more information.

Club email: EagleHistorySociety@gmail.com

Events and activities:

Previous Event Highlights:

Dr. Joel Pastor on the History of Pizza: https://tinyurl.com/54cdwn5k

Dr. Mendiola's Day of the Dead Lecture on Celebrations and Changes over Time: https://unt.zoom.us/rec/share/al-asPJR0icEs8-neqEEYQzvS-ndpidWU8OzkjAd-oyrjXbcz3VrlJCUBria8dkY.01lhYSOLxwdnF5Kg

Dr. Audrey Thorstad's Lecture on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in History: https://unt.zoom.us/rec/share/I0XfMd93rq8uw-F5oNKJdrDXNfuWTH_msgwxYS9DbNN7lmAmBAtFCnZUysIzuRXa.3eYKY51dqhN1LZBz

Micah Carlson's Lecture on the History Behind the Haunting at Goat Bridge: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nWxFD5mH072ucCzxn0QJEz7j0z2yghIY/view

Dr. Mcferrin Art Institute of Chicago Tour: https://unt.zoom.us/rec/share/Pq2Z4uUGqvhkvNWorI2LSB9TD6sOThY1SbNRSU1j9BxlsN_EHTLqxrGE3TBXWeFG.Zu67vtxNPjn1A8OM

 Question 2, What famous children's party game was an Olympic event from 1900 to 1920?

-Eagle History Society trivia night- January 2020 (The answer is Tug-of-War!)

A group of students at a restaurant, sitting at a long table. Most of them are looking at the camera, and most of them are smiling.

-Eagle History Society enjoying a meal after a trip to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas- February 2020

Current Leadership:

President: Julia Wetzel JuliaWetzel@my.unt.edu

Vice President: Dana Trammell DanaTrammell@my.unt.edu

Secretary: Mariah Mustaca MariahMustaca@my.unt.edu

Treasurer: Reuben Castro ReubenCastro@my.unt.edu

Historian and Media: Cassandra Leon CassandraLeon@my.unt.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wesley Phelps (Wesley.Phelps@unt.edu)

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