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Cat Williams


Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Major Professor: Dr. Christopher Fuhrmann

Specialty Areas: I specialize in the study of Ritual, Sacrifice, Punishment, Torture, and Execution as Religious Methods of Social Control and Public Order in the Roman World from Monarchy (ca. 755 BCE) to the end of the Republic (ca. 14 CE.) Roman religious practices, rituals, and sacrifices within the smaller district communities and rural communities of Italy are also of particular interest to me.

I am a first year PhD. Candidate, having received my Master's Degree from The University of North Texas in May 2020. I started my college career at San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas in 1989, but did not finish a degree there. After raising a family with my significant other of 35+ years, I came back to college at The University of North Texas in January of 2012 where I earned two Bachelor's degrees in History and Creative Writing simultaneously in winter of 2014.

I am a TA/TF for the History Department and I enjoy interacting with students every semester. I have presented papers at conferences and am currently working on several articles for publication in an Ancient Religions Encyclopedia. I am a self-published Science Fiction author, Football fan (Geaux New Orleans Saints!), Table Top Role Player, and avid crafter.

Additional Information:

Academic Awards:

  • UNT History Department National Heritage Scholarship 2020/2021 - $500.00
  • Toulouse Graduate School Academic Achievement Scholarship 2020/2021 - $1000.00
  • UNT History Department National Heritage Scholarship 2019/2020 - $1000.00
  • UNT History Department Travel Grant 2019/2020 - $500.00
  • CLASS Travel Grant 2019/2020 - $400.00
  • UNT History Department National Heritage Scholarship 2018/2019 - $1000.00
  • UNT Summer International IEF Scholarship 2018 - $1000.00
  • UNT Summer International Study Abroad Grant 2018 - $500.00

Conferences and Presentations:

  • "The Ritual of Execution of Vestal Virgins" - The University of North Texas History Department Body, Place, and Identity Conference. March 2019.
  • "Priestesses, Sacrifice, and Social Control: Female Sacradotes and Their Influence on the Community." - American History Association, January 2020.
  • "Revisions in Belief: Changes in Roman Religion from Monarchy to Imperial Cult" - 11th Annual TAMU History Conference, February 2020.

Study Abroad:

  • Summer 2018, 3 Weeks - "The Roads of Southern Italy," traveled to Bari, Brindisi, Benevento, Capua, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento, Napoli, Pozzuoli, Tivoli, and Rome.
  • Summer 2019, 6 Weeks - "Archaeological Dig of Etruscan Tombs in San Giuliano Necropolis," traveled to Barbarano-Romano, Capranica, Cerveteri, Assisi, Orvieto, Spoleto, Vejano, Blera, Sutri, Viterbo, Rome, Ostia, and Bolsena.


  • Latin
  • Japanese
  • German (Learning)
  • Ancient Greek (Learning)

Professional Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society
  • American Historical Association (AHA)
  • Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)
  • Texas Medieval Association (TEMA)
  • UNT History Department Graduate Social Society



  • "Public Order and Social Control through Religion in the Roman Republic" - Master's Thesis, published by University of North Texas
  • "Government Policy on Racial Genocide Through Eugenics Exposed: Joseph Bruchac's Hidden Roots" - published in The Eagle Feather, University of North Texas Undergraduate Honors College Publication (2014)
  • In Process for Religion and World Civilizations: How Faith Shaped Societies from Antiquity to the Present - Dr. Andrew Holt, Editor:
  • "Haruspices"
  • "Numa Pompilius Establishes the Religious Institutions of Rome (713-673 BCE)"
  • "Religion and the Roman Household"
  • "Religious Role of the Vestal Virgins"
  • "Plebeians in Rome eligible for priesthood, Lex Ogulnia (300 BCE)"
  • "Mystery Religions in Rome"


  • TIAF: Unit Zodiac Book 1, Failure is Not Acceptable - Cat Williams, self-published on
  • In Process: TIAF: Unit Zodiac Book 2, Only Duty to the Empire - Cat Williams, self-publish on

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