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Vol. 37, 2007


Vol. 37, 2007

Table of Contents

"Exercising Restraint: Military Responses to Southern Sentiment in California during the Civil War" by Steven E. Sodergren

Abstract: The Civil War in California tested the ability of Federal commanders to control Confederate sympathizers within the state. Despite experiments with the revocation of civil liberties, men like Union Generals Edwin Sumner and George Wright eventually settled upon a successful strategy of proximity peacekeeping in Southern California, keeping troops close to potential trouble spots without interfering with the local population.
Key Words: Civil War; California; Union army; civil liberties.

"'Hang by the Neck Until Dead': The Trial and Hanging of a Member of the 22nd Texas Cavalry" by Marshall Scott Legan

Abstract: The shooting by a member of a Texas cavalry regiment of a Louisiana youth, whose family was allegedly Unionist, demonstrates the sometimes fractious relationship between local civil authorities and soldiers under Confederate authority.
Key Words: Civil War; Monroe, Louisiana; Texas cavalry; hanging.

"Stage Soldiers of the Southwest: New Mexico's Four Minute Men of World War I" by Richard Melzer

No Abstract

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