Vol. 22 (Fall 1992) No. 2 | Department of History

Vol. 22 (Fall 1992) No. 2


Vol. 22 (Fall 1992) No. 2

Table of Contents

"'An Experience in Soldier's Life': The Civil War Letters of Volney Ellis, Adjutant, Twelfth Texas Infantry, Walker's Texas Division, C.S.A.," ed. Thomas Cutrer, pp. 109-172

Abstract: Volney Ellis, a lawyer before the War, enlisted as a private in the Twelfth Texas Infantry. His letters home to his wife speak of his love for her and their children. He also gives her instruction on how to handle his financial affairs, which she handles very well. He describes army life in realistic, yet humorous, terms.
Key Words: Civil War, Texas, infantry, letters, Walker's Texas Division

"Publicity, Persuasion, and Propaganda: Stereotyping the Native American in World War II," by Jere Franco, pp. 173-187

Abstract: The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) under John Collier encouraged Native Americans to serve in World War II. The BIA and the media played up the image of the Indians as patriotic, eager-to-fight soldiers. This propaganda created new stereotypes: now Indians were both eager to be regular Americans and had pride in their own tribal customs.
Key Words: World War II, Indians, propaganda, John Collier, media

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