Course Descriptions | Department of History

Course Descriptions

Department of Anthropology

    Anthropology 3100.13 (3100.012): Peoples and Cultures of Mexican American. 3 hours.
    Anthropology 3100.12 (3100.011): Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica. 3 hours.

Department of History

    History 3150: Historical and Cultural Development of the Mexican American Community. 3 hours.
    Historical evolution of Mexican American culture, social structure, family patterns and community organizations, and their effects on education, economic and religious institutions.
    History 4150: Mexican Immigration and the Chicano Community. 3 hours.
    Introduction to the history of Mexican immigration in the United States, focusing on the dynamic effects immigration has had throughout the 19th and 20th centuries on the formation of the Chicano community. Utilizes lectures, discussion of the readings, films, and speakers to emphasize a variety of themes including labor, politics, nativism, citizenship, demography, gender and culture. Prerequisite(s): History 3150 recommended.
    History 4160: Chicano Political History: 19th and 20th Century. 3 hours.
    Surveys the history of Chicano politics in the U.S. since 1821. Briefly examines antecedents in the colonial era. Comparing the Chicano political experience before and after American sovereignty, the course assesses the continuity of the Chicano political tradition. Emphasizes reading and discussing new literature in the field. Prerequisite(s): History 3150
    History 4180: Colonial Mexico and the Spanish Southwest. 3 hours.
    Conquest and expansion of the Spanish in North America.
    History 4190: Mexico, 1810-Present. 3 hours.
    Social, economic and political history since independence.

Department of English

    English 3922: Chicano Literature. 3 hours.
    Study of the cultural and historical specificity of Mexican American literature. Comparison of that literature to
    canonical texts and trends, or examination of that literature as a counter discourse to dominative theories.

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

    Spanish 3040: Mexican Culture and Civilization. 3 hours.
    Study of the politics, social structures and traditions of the Mexican world from the pre-Columbian period until today, with a special focus on their contemporary life in order to build a foundation for a more in-depth study of the life, literature and culture of Mexico. Taught entirely in Spanish. Prerequisite(s): Spanish 2050 or equivalent.
    Spanish 4010: Aspects of Contemporary Mexican Culture. 3 hours.
    Study of various aspects of Mexican culture, including historical, literary, artistic, political and economic arenas. Offered in Mexico to provide total immersion in the language and culture with field trips to culturally significant sites. Prerequisite(s): completion of at least one year of Spanish or the equivalent. Spanish majors and minors are preferred.

Department of Sociology

    Sociology 2010: Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity. 3 hours.
    Social, cultural and economic perspectives on Native, African, Asian and Mexican Americans; emphasizes work and family patterns for both women and men, racism and sexism and contemporary movements for equality.

Women's Studies

    Women's Studies 4240: Latinas In and Out of the Mainstream. 3 hours.
    Gender and cultural issues related to identify construction of Latinas and Latinos during the past thirty years. Focused primarily on women, issues include those related to gender-coded identity and sexual preference (including pre-Columbian notions of sexuality), machismo and marianismo, and immigration. Demographic patterns of Mexican American, Puerto Rican and Cuban populations as they relate to the creation of Latinas and Latinos as a cultural denomination.


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