Vol. 36, 2006 | Department of History

Vol. 36, 2006

Military History of the West

Vol. 36, 2006

Table of Contents

"Desperate Courage: An Account of the Texas Lancer Charge at the Battle of Valverde, New Mexico" by Dennis L. Potter

Abstract: Historical successes in the use of lances by accomplished horsemen prompted Company B of the Confederate 5th Texas Mounted Volunteers to employ lances in a mounted charge against infantry at Valverde, New Mexico, on 21 February 1862. Poor command judgment and the use of this antiquated weapon against a well-led company of Colorado mountain men resulted in one of the most unusual episodes of the Civil War.
Key Words: Confederate army; cavalry; New Mexico; Battle of Valverde; Texas soldiers

"A University at War: The Impace of World War II on Baylor University" by Kevin M. Brady

Abstract: During World War II, the administration and faculty of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, with the enthusiastic cooperation of students, adopted policies with the dual purpose of assisting national defense and keeping the institution operational while the war continued. In general, the university was successful in achieving both goals.
Key Words: Baylor University; World War II; Waco, Texas

"The Swastika and the Lone Star: Nazi Activity in Texas POW Camps" by Richard P. Walker

Abstract: In Texas POW camps German prisoners who retained some dedication to the goals of National Socialism often controlled activities within the camps. Nazi influence on prisoners in individual camps was common for the duration of the war. The Nazi sway inside those camps was unknown to American civilians outside the fences.
Key Words: POW camps; Nazis; Texas

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